"From retro to avant-garde, from hipster to vintage or from psychedelic to minimalism, the work of digital-artist Danny Ivan has been gaining notoriety across the web with all the partnerships with brands all over the world.

The use of geometric shapes filled with a color pallete, some times juicy others cold, full of blue, pink or orange, yellow and red, insufflate life into his works.

Circles that cut the rect in rectangles, unfolded triangles in fainted nature photos (taken by the artist himself), proliferation of minor circles into blurring and complementing colors, isolated images blended with charismatic expressions, in short, a refreshing and harmonious work with abstract patterns that refer both to the portuguese sidewalks and to futuristic movies scenarios, that give a singular tone to this portuguese artist portfolio.

With a cinematographic, electro-rock or indie inspiration in each created image, Danny Ivan s works can dress tecnologic equipments, becoming iPhone, iPad or iMac s covers. Along with that, we can inspire ourselves in the authors creations to decorate our home or office spaces with unique design pillows or printed images in wall-frames. On our shoulder we can take a super-creative cloth-bag for a walk to a summer festival or simply to the nearest beach, along with an alternative and singular looking t-shirt or hoodie.

If images are worth more than a thousand words, Danny Ivan's ilustrations leave us, definitely, speechless."

Thank you Danny Ivan :)