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How do you & Artime help change the world?
For each Artime you buy we'll help plant a tree together with our friends www.plantarumaarvore.org

Light, versatile and sustainable, Artime easily folds from a wall clock into a desk clock with no waste of material. 

Artime optimizes it's footprint by the use of recyclable material, sustainable design processes and use of 100% Portuguese suppliers.

To celebrate this bond between Time and Nature we've created a partnership with the NGO "Plantar uma Árvore" so that for each Artime you buy we'll help plant a tree. 

Collection in collaboration with the Digital Artist - Danny Ivan

Compressed cardboard

Digital double laminated print

German clock mechanism

370mm X 260 mm X 25mm

Dimensions with packaging:
385mm X 280 mm X 60mm

+/- 350 gr

Delivery time:
1 - 2 weeks

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